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The Catholic University of Ávila (UCAV) presents its own title of Expert in Automotive Technology of Competition (eTAC), which is part of the general strategy of the UCAV by which all students enrolled in a degree can study in parallel, and without additional cost, an expert qualification that facilitates the student’s specialization in a subject of interest for their professional future, and thus ending their studies with a double degree.
Specifically, the eTAC qualification is available for students of the Mechanical Engineering Degree, and currently only for the face-to-face students, but in the near future (2020-2021 academic year) it will also be available to online students.

If you like the world of Mechanical Engineering, and especially the world of competition in the UCAV, you can study the Degree in Mechanical Engineering (GIM) in a privileged environment such as Avila, a World Heritage city, and with very interesting conditions. well. 1- The registration is adapted to your economic conditions by presenting the Income Tax Return. 2- You can apply for Scholarships. 3- You can opt for a university residence, or for sharing a flat with other students. 4- The costs of maintenance and accommodation are lower than in a large city. Then studying at the UCAV the Degree in Mechanical Engineering + eTAC is really affordable if you compare it with other universities. Treatment and closeness with the teaching staff. In addition to the economic issue, the treatment and type of classes is important. In the UCAV the deal with the students is very personalized, and the teachers know their students, and vice versa being the direct, cordial and immediate contact both face-to-face and online.

The university has a platform (Blackboard) of last generation from which the student enrolled can access all content (manuals, notes, videos, etc. ..), which are free. The classrooms are equipped with a recording system of the teaching sessions that are subsequently edited, and are indexed to facilitate the search of contents, and are hung on the platform in such a way that the student can view the session afterwards at home. The student can also attend the sessions from his residence or home, live, and interact with the teacher in real time, so that it is not essential to attend class.

In the specific case of the eTAC the UCAV has its own workshops where the student can practice and reach technical skill levels with mechanical elements, which allow both the theoretical knowledge of the mechanical elements of a series car, and competition, which will enable to practice first as a mechanic in the races in which the university team (UCAV Racing Engineering) participate, and later in advanced courses to act as coordinator of the various sections thereof such as Logistics, Marketing, Economic Control, Communication, Sports Management , etc.. The activity of the competition team has reported to the UCAV being the only Spanish university that has this specialty, the only one with a stable competition team, and the only one that has 3 titles of the Spanish Rally Champion, official title of the Royal Spanish Federation of Motoring (RFEdA).

In the team all students can participate in national and international competitions, which are held in the Iberian Peninsula, and also thanks to the agreements reached with professional teams may participate in rally, circuit, and karting competitions. Finally, this whole process culminates with an official title of the RFEdA as an expert in Automotive Technology of Competition, with more than 600 hours of practice in real competition, and about 18 to 20 races of experience which is highly valued both in the context of the competition as in the one of the engineering in general, that undoubtedly qualifies the student to revalue his curriculum in the search of use.

The UCAV has agreements with companies in the sector, which offer paid internships, which in many cases culminate in the hiring of students, reaching 90% employability.


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