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Social and Legal Sciences


All degrees with an economic, business, humanistic and legal content are included in the UCAV's Faculty of Social and Legal Sciences.

Consequently, the Degrees in Business Administration and Management, Economics, Law, the Double Degrees in BAM and Law, BAM and Economics and Economics and Law, and the University Master in Teacher Training of Compulsory Secondary Education and Baccalaureate, Vocational Training and Language Teaching belong to it.

The Faculty also has online courses in Economics, BAM and Law.

We have highly qualified and professional lecturers with recognised prestige to teach the aforementioned studies. One of the main objectives of the aforementioned studies, based on developing skills and competences, is the comprehensive preparation of the student, in keeping with the University's ideas, for their integration into the employment market, and it has many Collaboration Agreements with companies, institutions, law firms, etc.

Organisation chart

Dean: Dr. Álvaro Mendo Estrella.
Deputy Dean: Mr. Javier Jorge Vázquez.
Coord. Law Degree: Ms. Concepción Roche López.
Coord. Economics Degree: Mr. Enrique Sánchez Solano.
Coord. BAM Degree: Mr. Ricardo Reier Forradellas.
Coord. BAM and Economics online teaching: Mr. Javier Jorge Vázquez.
Coord. Law online teaching: Lourdes Miguel Sáez.

Research groups

Economics and business


Humanities and Theology

Laboratories and special lecture rooms

There are 4 computer rooms and another open room, with a total of 132 computers and with access, via IP, to competitive legislation and jurisprudence databases.




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