Master in vehicle aerodynamics



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Due to the growing needs regarding emissions and energy efficiency in vehicles, aerodynamics has become one of the engineering fields that is gaining more prominence. Aerodynamic losses are the main component of high-speed energy consumption and in the case of electric vehicles these directly affect the reduction of their autonomy. On the other hand, aerodynamics is one of the most important features in the design of competition vehicles, such as F1. This is why automakers are demanding technicians with aerodynamic knowledge to help them design vehicles with better aerodynamic coefficients.

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Theoretical-practical course on aerodynamics of land vehicles.

This course will equip students with the knowledge necessary to understand the influence of different parts of the vehicle on aerodynamic forces and will provide them with the necessary tools to analyze and improve this performance in cars, trucks, buses and competition vehicles.

In addition to delving into the causes of aerodynamic losses and how to minimize them, the student will become familiar with the study using numerical simulation or Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and with tests in the wind tunnel.

Apart from a theoretical and practical online training, the student will have the possibility of using a scale wind tunnel to test new concepts and modifications on models.

This course is aimed at engineering degree students who want to expand their knowledge in a key area of ​​vehicle design, such as the study of aerodynamics.

  • People with engineering degrees or pending completion
  • People with a Higher Training Cycle in Automotive or related
  • Pilots and professionals from the automotive industry with proven experience who want to dedicate themselves to the world of Motorsport in the motorsport field.

This knowledge will allow students to develop their vocation in automotive engineering and will be able to join design teams of automobile manufacturers, as well as competition teams, being fully trained from the first day to participate in aerodynamic vehicle improvement projects.


This course will be coordinated and taught by IDIADA, a world leader in automotive engineering and with more than 25 years of experience in CFD simulation and testing. The staff responsible for the course will be:

  • Enric Aramburu
  • Charalampos (Babis) Tsimis
  • Albert Gascón
  • Clodoald Robert
  • Albert Buza
  • Paul Marston

The student interested in byke technology could take part of the Avintia Moto GP Team events depending of the student performance and technical qualities.

The students will be organized in geographic regions depending of their country situation and they will take part on the Moto GP Grand Prix practices according with the Avintia racing planning, and according of the Racing Project of every student.

The student interested in Racing Cars will have the opportunity of taking part of the UCAV Racing Engineering on the CET Touring  Spanish Champioship.

During the championship the student will test the aero improvement solutions of the team car, and it will develop the TFM in different aerodynamic subjects.

Depending of the Final Master Project (TFM) could be possible to organize a wind tunnel testing session according the staff agreement.

The Master in Vehicle Aerodynamics has a cost of € 14.950 including VAT, and the student must make a reservation by paying 10% of the total cost. This amount that will be discounted from the total amount

The rest of the costs will be paid through one of these two methods.

  • A single payment for the rest of the enrolment discounted the reservation amount.
  • In four instalments, discounting the amount of the reservation.

* See the special notes on page 16th .

What does the cost include?

  • The costs of training, access to the platform, and availability of access to recorded classes are included for viewing outside of class hours, allowing students of different time slots access to recorded classes.
  • Also included are all the documentation of the course, as well as trips to the competitions to carry out the practices depending on the proximity to them. (See clarification of the practical topic).