Lodging is not provided by the UCAV on the University campus; however there are a number of excellent housing options available to you in Avila.

Residence Halls

If you are going to remain just a short time in our country, a good option is staying in one of the halls of residence available in Ávila. These are not connected to the University. They offer single or double rooms with or without bathroom. The cost can range from approximately 600 € per person a month to 900 € a month including all meals. The payment will be made monthly. You have to pay a deposit which won’t be returned to you if you leave the residence within three months upon your arrival.
Information about the different residences can be found in the university web page.

Individual room in a flat

The University of Avila does not own students flats. Private owners rent flats. In a flat you will generally have your own room, while sharing the kitchen, living room and bathroom with other renters or the flat owners. Finding a flat in the private rented sector is not difficult.

If you would like to acquire your flat before arriving in Avila, there are various websites that specialise in the supply and demand of shared dwellings, such as, for example: